Our ethos is to capture those fleeting moments of magic that make all the difference between simply making music and making a masterpiece.



West Hempstead, NY





The Alternate Dimension was founded in late 2016. It is based around a simple idea. The idea that this studio is a place where an uncompromising commitment to sound quality meets a complete dedication to the artistic process. 

Our live room was one of the last studio rooms designed by the legendary acoustician Thomas Hidley. The founder of Westlake Audio in the 1970s... late in his life he found new ideas that would innovate acoustic architecture for the 21st Century.  These ideas created a synergy in our space that results in an incredibly live yet controlled sound perfect for that HUGE drum sound or that wall of guitars you've been trying to build. An environment where a voice can go from a whisper to a scream and be captured at both extremes in all of its glory.

This is the same classic room and mic collection that recorded everyone from Mariah Carey, Seal, and Aerosmith to Public Enemy, Nas and Eminem in the 90s and 2000s. Now updated with all the latest technological advancements, but keeping the same classic analog gear and tape machine. The environment has been called "truly magical" by clients and producers alike.


Our tracking desk revolves around a hybrid desk combining the legendary vintage sound of 12 NEVE 1073s, with the modern capabilities of 24 SSL G preamps. From there we can go analog to tape using our Studer 24 track, or we can enter the pristine digital environment for editing and mixing in Pro Tools thru our Apogee Conversion. Our tracking room doubles as a mix room, utilizing premium outboard compressors and EQs along with extensive ITB processing to craft a mix with great width, depth and clarity.

Our premium mix room is available for high end projects... It is centered around the classic SSL 4000E/G+ hybrid console. Paired with mastering grade monitoring and a ridiculous collection of vintage outboard gear this is a potent combination of modern precision meeting vintage warmth.


Gear List

Gear List

Gear List


Tracking Room

12 neve 1073 Mic Pres and EQs

12 SSL E-Series Mic Pre's

Vintage Pultec EQ1-Pa

(2) Distressor EL-8Xs 


(2) Apogee AD 16x

Apogee DA 16x

Apogee Big Ben

Avid Sync I/O 

Protools HD 10 Mac Pro


Bryston 4B

Crown DC150 headphone amp.

3 Manley cue stations  

Yamaha NS10's 


Studer A820 24trk  


1 U87 vintage with restored electronics

2 C451's,

2 414's,

2 Royer 122 ribbons,

AKG d112

4 senhieser 421's ,

1 sennhieser 441

1 Shure SM-7

1 EV Re-20

1 Beyer M-88

4 SM-57s


Blackstar amplifier head

Marshall JCM800 Combo

Bugera 333XL Amp and 412 Cab


Vintage 1979 Gretsch Maple drum set




Analog Synthesizers and Effects

Voyager Moog Monophonic Analog Synth

Vermona Drum Vermona Analog Drum

Slim Phatty ( 3 pieces) Moog Monophonic Analog Synth

Telemark Analogue Solutions Monophonic Analog Synth

Oberkorn Analogue Solutions Analog Sequencer

Moogerfooger - all 7 pedals Moog Analog Effects

Prophet 8 Dave Smith Instruments 8 voice analog synth

Tetra Dave Smith Instruments 4 voice analog synth

mopho Dave Smith Instruments Monophonic Analog Synth

rockit Waldorf Monophonic Analog Synth

blofeld Waldorf Polyphonic Digital Synth

Pulse 2 Waldorf Monophonic Analog Synth

streichfett Waldorf Ditital String Synth

octatrack Elektron Sampler/Sequencer

machinendrum Elektron Digital Drum Mashine

analog four Elektron Four voice analog synth

Mininova Native Instruments Polyphonic Digital Synth

Minibrute Arturia Monophonic Analog Synth

Micckrobrute Microbrute Monophonic Analog Synth

Bassstation Novation Analog Bass Synth

GR 55 Roland Guitar Synth

vg 99 Roland Guitar Synth

Supernova Novation Polyphonic Digital Synth

Theremin Moog Theremin

Evolver Dave Smith Instruments Digital/Analog Synth/Sequencer

Poly Evolver Dave Smith Instruments Digital/Analog Synth/Sequencer

Minitaur Moog Analog Bass Synth

Eventide H9 Max Eventide Multieffects Pedal

Eventide Eclipse Eventide Multieffects Rack

EHX Pedals (Various) Eletro-Harmoix Guitar Pedals

Source Audio Pedals (Various) Source Audio Guitar Pedals

Pigtronix Pedals (various) Pigrronix Guitar Pedals

AMT SS20 Preamp AMT Guitar Pedals

Earthquacker Pedals (Various) Eartthquackers Guitar Pedals

Korg Delay S3000 Korg Guitar Pedals

Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate Native Instruments Software







·       Tom Hidley Designed 900 sq ft Tracking room

·       Premium Outboard Gear & Signal Processing

·       Drums, Amps, Keyboards & More

·       Precision editing in Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton Live



·       Mix Previously Recorded Tracks or Sessions

·       Clean, Define & Polish Your Sound

·       Master Your Mixes to Industry Standard

·       Online Mixing & Mastering



·       ADR / Voiceover

·       Sound Design & Scoring

·       Noise Reduction & Sound Restoration



·       Build Custom Instrumentals

·       Polish Existing Tracks & Remixes

·       Songwriting & Composition

·       Writing & Arranging Live String Instrumentation

·       Vocal Production – Writing & Arranging